Who is Iris Sirianni . . .

Relationship and Dating Coach | Believer in Love | Shoe Lover 


My journey to finding a fulfilling, satisfying, meaningful, rock my world relationship was definitely not lined with gold or even paved.  In fact it was littered with a failed marriage (the bright side: 4 fantastic, now young adult kids), a few longish relationships and too many ‘go nowhere with the wrong type of men for me’ dates.
Iris Sirianni Feminine Brass

In my early 20’s

I was ridiculously naive about love and relationships and the only thing I wanted was a husband and four beautiful children.  We would have a house with a white picket fence and I would stay home and bake chocolate chip cookies for when the kids came home and go to PTA meetings.  We would go on family vacations every year and life would be wonderful.

So very ‘Leave it to Beaver’.

By my early 30’s

my idealist view of how my perfect life would be was unraveling right before my eyes and I was the one that wanted out!



In my late 30’s

I was ready to start dating although I really didn’t know HOW to date.

After all, I was now an ex-wife and still very much mom or mummy.  I had one foot out of my old identity and the other foot didn’t know where to land.  I had a bit of an identity crisis that followed me around from one failed relationship to another.

Thankfully I had a brilliant budding career that was helping me to feel like someone I identified with.

I weaved my way in and out of relationships and became, eh hem, an online serial dater.  I was already quite discouraged with the whole dating scene and honestly I was at the point of giving up all hope of ever finding true love.  My online dating experiences were not helping the situation.

I knew who I was and what I wanted outside of a relationship (my career, family and friends) but I still needed to learn who I was in a relationship so that I didn’t just ‘fall’ into it or lose myself when I was in a relationship.

The more I settled into who I was, and discovered what my pattern was, and finally what I wanted from a relationship and really, what I needed  (to feel safe, secure, supported, heard, understood – yes ma’am these men really do exist) my dating experiences changed because now I was attracting a different type of man.

I’m happy to say that I’m happily in a relationship now and although things aren’t always roses we’ve got a good thing going and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  (Pictures to come)

So how can I help you? 
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Iris Sirianni Feminine Brass


And if you’re intrigued and want to know more about me . . . read on.

What it’s like working with me and my street smarts . . .


:: Emotional Power ~ Having braved the storms of marriage, divorce, and the renewed search to find true and lasting love, I’ve developed the keen insight to help you brave the dating waters.

:: Problem solving power ~ Embodying a constant mental hum, keen curiosity and spot-on intuition, I have the ability to ask provocative questions that help you discover the patterns that are keeping you from the love you want.

:: Personal power ~ After being told that no man wants to take on the responsibility of 4 then young children, I did the unthinkable and dated anyways.

I’m super-gifted at . . .


:: Seeing the REAL you ~ the one you’re hiding behind. You know her, she’s you when no one else is watching!

:: Discovering your hidden patterns ~ revealing your blind spots, moving you from the brink of giving up to being excited about the possibilities.  I’ll always tell you the truth.  Without judgment. Always.

:: Kindling the fire of dreams ~ inspiring the right kind of action to live a life filled with love, rich in experiences, endless possibilities, and a vibrancy you haven’t felt since childhood.

Some random tidbits about me . . .


:: I have 5 I’s in my name – that’s a whole lotta “I’s”

:: I was pregnant for 5 years straight. I have 4 beautiful babies, all a year or so apart in age.

:: I love shoes. Seriously I do.

:: I love Starbucks – not just because of the coffee and peppermint mocha’s at Christmas.  I love the people. I love people watching.

:: Retail therapy. Enough said (but I’m really trying to cut down)

:: Freedom is a non-negotiable for me. Because life is way too short to play by someone else’s rules.

:: I can belt out a song like nobody’s business. Not my calling, but I do it anyways.

:: I’ve been called sweet (yes, really) and I guess I am. But I believe sugar-coating gives people an excuse to not get on with their lives so I hold the sugar on truth. (You’re welcome 🙂 )


Iris Sirianni Feminine Brass