Finding Your Forever Man

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Dating can be an overwhelming experience.

Whether you’re starting over after a divorce or a long-term relationship, dating can be a frightening thing.

The heartache may be healed and now you’re ready to venture out but where do you start? How do you start?

A lot of women try once, or twice, but then shy away from ever making themselves visible.

Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Fear of not being liked,
  • Feeling they have nothing to offer someone,
  • Fear of being hurt again,
  • Not trusting men,
  • Fear of being rejected or judged for a health issue or financial position,
  • Feeling not good enough, and
  • Not wanting to attract someone just like their ex.


Some women want to date but haven’t in such a long time they don’t know how to.

Let’s face it, a lot has changed since you were dating in your 20’s or 30’s and it’s quite possible you didn’t really date then either.  It was more like, you met, you went out once and you were in a relationship.

That’s not what dating is but it’s what so many of us know.  So where do you start?  How do you get past the fear and anxiety to test the waters again?

Well there is Online Dating but if you’ve already tried this to no avail, there are other options.

There’s still, what I call, The organic way. That’s the good old fashioned way of meeting someone at the grocery store, coffee shop, events, and so on.

Online Dating Sites open up the world to meet someone you might not have otherwise met but after you meet you still need to get to know them and date.  This isn’t for everyone though.

The Organic Way has worked since the dawn of time but if you hide no one notices you and a conversation never even gets started or it stops after the first, shy smile and hi.


Finding your Forever Love is a 6 week program that I’ve created to help you step out from behind the fear, anxiety  and shyness and get you out there dating, with confidence!
If you want to start 2018 knowing ‘this is the year I’m going to meet ‘the one’ then this program is for you, because:

That which you seek is also seeking you ~ Rumi


over 8 weeks this is what we’re going to do together to get you on your first date:


  • We’re going to get crystal clear about what type of relationship you want to be in.  Because the law of attraction is always at work.
  • We’re going to clear space for love to flow to you.
  • We’re going to destroy the doubts, fears and insecurities.
  • We’re going to find out what’s really important to you now. You may surprise yourself.
  • You’re going to see clearly what you bring to any relationships.  It’s a confidence booster and women tend to undermine their best attributes and talents.
  • I’ll help you step into the women you really are, and 
  • the end result will be you having gone your first date.
  • I'm ready

    What makes me an expert?

    I had the biggest challenges when it came to being single with children and looking for a partner. I knew there were men out there who could face the challenges of a woman and her 4 children (who were all teenagers at the same time at one point) but I wasn’t finding them.

    I spent a lot of years single (in between a couple of relationships) and I was fine with that because for the most part the men I was attracting were not who I wanted to spend my life with anyways.

    Then when my kids were grown and didn’t need me as much the challenge was understanding who I was so that I could find a man that fit the new me and of course I wanted to expand my opportunities beyond meeting someone organically so I went online.

    Interestingly enough, I didn’t find my forever man online. 🙂

    Ready to rock the dating scene?

    This is exactly what I need