Fix my Online Dating Profile

Is your Online Dating Profile not getting you the results you want?

Do you need an Online Dating Profile?

Fix my online dating profile

You’re not alone.

There is technique to creating an online dating profile that will help you stand out in the sea of all the other fish!

What you say is just as important as how you say it because this is how you will connect virtually.

When you’re online you’re missing the one thing that you have when you meet someone in person and that’s the spark that gets two people talking in the first place.

The words, and how you say them, need to invoke that spark.

So! How are you standing out in the sea of fish?

You want to be the Yellow fish among all the Blue fish.

I’m Ready to Go!

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Here is how I can help.

We’ll setup a time to chat (so I can get to know you a bit) then you’ll send me your profile and pictures (because your pictures are as important as the words you write).

I’ll make suggestions to add spark to your profile,  I’ll review and comment on your pictures and send it all back to you for you take it from there.

If you’re creating your profile, we’ll do the same; setup a time to chat so I can get to know you a bit.  I’ll create a profile for you and let you know what type of pictures will fit your profile best.


I’m Ready to Go!

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