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Dating can be an intimidating thing if you haven’t done it in a while.


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13 Tips Every Woman Needs To Know Before Dating

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Maybe you’re out of a long term relationship or recently divorced, or maybe you’ve been single, by choice, for a while and are now ready to meet someone or maybe you’ve been dating for a while and have not had much success at finding ‘the one’.
Regardless, you’re ready to find someone to share your life with and you’re wondering where to start, right?
Easy, you start by being your true authentic self.
Seems easy right? For some, it’s not that easy because we want to be liked so we present ourselves in a way that we think the other person will like us to be.

The beauty of being exactly who you are is that you get to weed out the ones that don’t ‘get’ you and that leaves room for the ones who do.

I’ve created these tips to help you have dating success!
With love