My purpose is to help you connect back with who you are

because somewhere along the way you got lost!




Having spent virtually my whole life looking for that relationship that would be my 'happy ever after' and searching for external things to make me happy, it took losing my career, the things I was attached to, losing two family members within a year of each other AND walking away from a long-term relationship before I started to do the work to discover who I really am.

Talk about a humbling and TERRIFYING experience that was for me.  There is nothing like being pushed by the Divine into my own spiritual awakening so I could stop doing the things that kept me from my own inner self and ultimately my happiness.

The best relationships and life happen when we have a strong connection to who we are.


Knowing who we are builds our confidence and self-worth.  We become less fearful and more intentional about who we allow in our life, what we tolerate, what we confidently walk away from, what and who we put our energy into and we trust ourselves and our intuition above all else.


My mission is to teach you the tools and support you through your own transformation so you have the love, connection and meaningful life you feel blessed to be living. 

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