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© 2020  Iris Sirianni Coaching & Healing

Heal Your Love Wounds

Change the Patterns in Your Relationships


with Iris Sirianni 

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About the Workshop

Do you wonder why:

* your relationships never seem to work out?

* your relationships are always so challenging?

* they won't commit?

* you attract people who are untrustworthy, flaky, take advantage of you, cheat, don't accept you for who you are, are abusive on some level?

and do you:

* you feel anxious and jealous in relationships?

* have trust issues in relationships?

* push your love interest away when they get to close? or your love interest frequently goes MIA?

* push your love interest away and then become anxious and fearful at the thought of losing them only try harder to please them?

* unknowingly sabotage your relationships?

* over-give of yourself (money, time, rides, gifts, being at their beckon call)

* settle for someone because it's better than no one?'

This workshop event takes a deep dive into discovering what has been standing in your way of having a loving, respectful, connected, and harmonious relationship whether you are male or female, single or in a relationship AND



Your beliefs & stories are everything when it comes to having what you want & why you keep getting what you've always gotten.


Anxious, Avoidant, Fearful Avoidant, Secure?

We'll take a deep dive to discover your attachment type and the patterns it creates.


You learn a lot about how to manoevre in the world and now you need to confidently and fearlessly communicate who you are, in it! 

Spot the One

Confidence is everything! When you know who you are and hold yourself to your own highest value it is easy to see who is right for you!  

Feng Shui for Love

Learn to use the magic of

feng shui and space clearing as a catalyst to bring the love you really want into your life.


An eye opening experience!

“This has been eye opening! After attending your 1st workshop there were changes and it has been very apparent that by not being true to myself & my needs I am lowering my vibration.  I had at least 4 'Ah ha' moments in this workshop” 

Refund Policy:


I know things can come up at the last minute.  If you are unable to attend you may sell your ticket or transfer to the next upcoming show.  No Refund will be issued. If you have any questions or are unable to attend, please email Iris at