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Ask for what you need! It shows that you have boundaries and that you love and respect yourself!

Many people have this fear of asking for what they need from their partner. 

Let's say for example you notice that you are always doing things your partner wants to do and they never seem to consider what you like to do or maybe your partner has a habit of getting up and walking away mid-conversation.

For the most part both of these examples are fairly easy to navigate with clear communication about what it is you want and need:

I notice that we have been going to the 'games, shows, events, restaurants', etc these past few months and it's been a lot of fun.  There are things that I really like that I would enjoy doing with you also. Are you open to going to this event, or that show or that restaurant so I can include you in the things that I like.


I notice that when we are in mid-conversation you get up and walk away.  It is frustrating to me because I feel like I'm not able to properly talk through what's going on in my/our life.  Can I ask that you sit with me through the entire conversation please?

Passive-Aggressive Hints Don't Work

So many people shy away from asking for what they need and what they want because they feel like they're being greedy or they fear being told 'no' or that the other person will leave.

So instead they secretly hope by some miracle that their partner will figure out what they need or they use subtle (or not so subtle) passive-aggressive hints.

You already know that passive-aggressive hints don't work.

Being able to ask for what you need shows that you have boundaries and that you love and respect yourself.

Have the highest love and respect for yourself and others will meet you there!

Sending you tons of love!


PS:  Do you have a question about your relationship or how to be ready for your next relationship?  Leave a comment below with your question and I will answer it - anomalously of course - in an upcoming video. 

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