You are the centre of everything in your life

Working with Me

The key to Finding love is to find it within yourself first

I help my clients have greater acceptance and love for themselves.  The majority of people don't like or accept themselves or have a sense of who they are.  This shows up in relationships in the personal boundaries we have;  over-giving, fearful of speaking up for ourselves or letting others be responsible for our actions and feelings.  It is also reflected in how we treat ourselves and take care of our own needs.   This keeps us in karmic cycles of unhealthy/toxic and unhappy in relationships until we heal our love wounds.

You are never alone when you connect to yourself and the divine.

I help my clients through their ascension process.  Your spiritual awakening process is unique to you.  Many will leave their careers in search of something that has greater purpose and meaning.  Some will leave behind people and relationships they once connected with, others will tap into their own divine gifts and abilities and become healers, mediums, tarot card readers and spiritual mentors to others who are ascending to a higher vibration.  This process can feel very isolating and lonely as we try to understand what is happening.  

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